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It helps everyone differently depending on YOU but common benefits are: improved balance, enhanced mobility, better sleep, quicker muscle response, boosted memory and focus! The blend of frequencies in our printing inks give you access to effortless wellness and performance. 

Everyone. Whether you believe it or not you benefit!

Oscillo Q focuses on restoring the overall balance of your body. Think of it as a rejuvenating ‘factory reset’ for your body. Even if your initial goal is to address a specific issue, you will end up improving other aspects of your body. Oscillo Q Technology improves every area that needs help, whether it’s enhancing your sleep cycles, sharpening muscle alertness, and much more. So there are no side effects. Only a cascade of benefits.

Yes, you can wash the T-shirts as a you would a normal shirt. 

No. The Oscillo Q Technology does not need to touch the body to activate.

No. The Oscillo Q Technology does not harm brain frequencies. It only harmonizes them.