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Biotechnology Ink for Enhanced Brain to Body Function and Well-Being

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Elevate Your Game

Performance Tees for Peak Muscle Responsiveness and Seamless Brain-Body Sync.

Enhance Your Vitality

Balance Tees for Central Nervous System Harmony, Improved Mobility and Confidence – A Breakthrough for Seniors, Parkinson’s and Rehab Care.

Your Path to Restful Sleep

Sleep Tees enhance your relaxation to enable more restful and restorative sleep patterns. 

Oscillo Q:

Unlock Effortless Wellness

A: Advanced Calibration

Printing ink infused with biotechnology calibrate your energy, emitting frequencies that retune your brain and body communication.

B: Bio-Frequency Resonance

Our technology delves deep into the quantum fabric, offering a personalized, evidence-based wellness experience designed to resonate with your body’s individual needs.

C: Cutting-Edge Ink

We’ve innovated a way to incorporate these frequencies into our inks, making it effortless to experience wellness without any extra effort from you.

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No Charging
No Sensors
No Maintenance

Just put it on and get moving!

No side effects
only side benefits!

Simplicity Meets Science: As we age, the communication between our muscles, joints, and the brain naturally diminishes. However, our specialized ink enhances this vital communication.

Oscillo Q Biotechnology Energizes Your Well-Being. Experience a Spectrum of Benefits, from Enhanced Sleep Cycles to Muscle Alertness, with Zero Hassle.

Elevate Your Wellness & Performance

with Oscillo Q Biotechnology

Buddy B.
Buddy B.
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My first night wearing the t-shirt was the best night’s sleep I have had in over a year. I was able to sleep on my side with zero hip pain. I have Dupuytren"s Contracture Syndrome in my hands that causes pain that would usually wake me up multiple times in the night. When I wear the t-shirt that pain is significantly less.
Justin T.
Justin T.Professional Pitcher (Recovering from Elbow Surgery)
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“I didn’t add any extra effort to my pitch and my velocity increased by two MPH. Also, my elbow was starting to get sore... ‘till I put the shirt on.”
Pat L.
Pat L.Better Sleep
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"I didn't think I noticed anything at first, but after a few nights with th..."
Kristy PayneRecently had neck surgery.
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Since I've been wearing my shirt though, I haven't had any nerve pain. I've been dealing with nerve pain for a few weeks in a certain spot near my incision. I haven't had it once. What kind of sorcery is this? 😂
Mike I.Battling Parkinson's
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The timing of that shirt could not have been more perfect. It’s certainly not easy adjusting to the diagnosis, but getting to test the shirt made him feel important. He was skeptical at first, but said he noticed a difference when he did the tests.
Theresa Z.Grandparent
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Outrageous, more energy than I ever had as a child. Bouncy, my brain is working. A lot of energy. I don't wake up crazy in the morning. And Pop, who needs energy, has a ton more energy also. He's 83, used to take naps on the couch. Now he doesn't.
Beth C.
Beth C.Mom, Wife, MSW LCSW
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My husband does not snore and is less restless throughout the nights when he wears the shirt.
Peter Z.
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The shirt is very pleasant to wear, I feel relaxed by it.
Cassie P.
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I noticed a significant decrease in my knee pain. I was able to walk up and down stairs with much less discomfort and pain.
Sal M.Professional Baseball Pitcher
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“When I threw with it on, I felt like I was in mid-season form, but it was January!”


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It helps everyone differently depending on YOU but common benefits are: improved balance, enhanced mobility, better sleep, quicker muscle response, boosted memory and focus! The blend of frequencies in our printing inks give you access to effortless wellness and performance. 

Everyone. Whether you believe it or not you benefit!

Oscillo Q focuses on restoring the overall balance of your body. Think of it as a rejuvenating ‘factory reset’ for your body. Even if your initial goal is to address a specific issue, you will end up improving other aspects of your body. Oscillo Q Technology improves every area that needs help, whether it’s enhancing your sleep cycles, sharpening muscle alertness, and much more. So there are no side effects. Only a cascade of benefits.

Yes, you can wash the T-shirts as a you would a normal shirt. 

No. The Oscillo Q Technology does not need to touch the body to activate.

No. The Oscillo Q Technology does not harm brain frequencies. It only harmonizes them.